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The social network that allows you to discover new gamers & play in amateur leagues for free.

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Player Three was built by a gamer. Whether you are a casual Saturday gamer or a die-hard next-gen fanboy, welcome on-board! Player Three is available for gamers on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

Your Feed

Follow like-minded gamers, or create a following of your own. Share non-gaming content!

Your Arena

Join us in the arena to play against different teams and find new gamers.

Your Profile

Good news! Usernames will keep you anonymous in Player Three, secure your gamer tag.

Your Privacy

Unlike other networks *cough*, we value your privacy and work with the community.

Introducing: The Arena

The Arena is a one stop shop for finding new gamers, playing in matches and climbing to the top of hundreds of leagues.

  • Find new teams/players & filter based on location, games and consoles
  • Play in matches against other teams
  • Create new leagues that your friends can be apart of
  • Customise your matches to add a bit of spice

Its not just about these starting features, players will get the chance to vote on new features, the community sets the roadmap.

Providing: The Feed

A good gaming community needs a massive amount of sharing! It doesn't have to be about gaming, share anything..

  • Follow anyone you can find
  • Post content to share with your followers
  • Keep up to date with your teams
  • Share anything from around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an Alpha user, message "Support" in the app or click the Plus button on your menu to submit feedback.

  • Great question! Teams will find each other on the app and schedule a match for a specific date and time. Once the match has started, the following will happen:

    1. Both teams will exchange gamer tags through the app, and will receive instructions to guide them through the process
    2. The teams will play a private match against each other, using the settings on the app
    3. Both teams will submit their results
    It's as easy as that! If there's a dispute about the result, we'll jump in and handle it so you don't have to worry.

  • We expect it to be released by May 2020. If you want to receive updates, try entering your details below.

  • The app will be available for free on Android & iOS.

  • The app will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. As new generation consoles become available, we'll offer new services.

  • Player Three will be available in most countries, expecting to be in over 125 different countries. Initially, we'll release the app in English only. As we have more users, we'll start to offer languages.

  • Not initially. You'll be able to sort by country, or if you are in the United States you can filter by state.